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PULIAN INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE Co Ltd  Granulators Crushers + Washing Plants

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Pulian provides various equipment for plastic recycling,  size reduction and conveying systems  including, plastic granulators, plastic shredders, plastic crushers, eps granulators., air conveying equipment and rubber belt conveyors

 Offering over 100  various models to satisfy the  customers  specific needs. The granulators and shredders can be used in various ways and be designed and manufactured  to suit the specific production requirements.

In additional, Pulian supply  storing equipment, drying, mixing & blending machinery ,  and other specialized components and ancillary  equipment to assist in your plastic recycling needs either as stand alone operation  or a complete centralized systems.

 Pulian Products 
  • Granulator & Crusher Shredder & Pulverizers

  • Centralized Conveying & Ancillary Machine

  • Temperature & Metal Detection

  • Automatic Storage System & Robotic Arm System

  • Garbage Sorting & Rapid Organic Fertilization System

  • Biotechnology & Machine & Food Products/Medical Machine

  • Recycling System & Customized Machines

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